Bear Hug® Infusions

Styled By Nature


Process of interaction between the spirit or alcohol with all natural ingredients (blueberries, mango, papaya, etc) whereby the alcohol extracts the richness of the flavor and color of the fruit.

100% Natural product.

Patented bottle in the shape of a raindrop, the main nutrient of nature.


Bear Hug® Rum Infusion Mango
Bear Hug® Rum Infusion Wildberry
Bear Hug® Vodka Infusion Cranberry (blueberries)
Bear Hug® Vodka Infusion Espresso
Bear Hug® Vodka Infusion Chocolate
Bear Hug® Tequila Infusion Chili
Bear Hug® Tequila Infusion Papaya


21% ALC , 42° Proof.

Form of Consumption
It can be served pure, on the rocks, very cold or mixed in your cocktail.


(A) Purity and quality of ingredients
  • Vodka from an American Premium grain (wheat), distilled 5 times.
  • Premium rum from Barbados, distilled 5 times.
  • Tequila from Los Altos de Jalisco, distilled 3 times.

(B) Symbol
Purity and quality assurance provided by the Orthodox Union . Product 100% kosher.

(C) Awards / Recognitions [read more]
Proud of the many recognitions Bear Hug Infusions has received


That's the inspiration behind Bear Hug® Infusions.
Styled By Nature.